Waste is hiding everywhere.
And if it only ever made itself visible on invoices and lists, it would be extremely easy to avoid.

It is much more difficult to be aware of
waste deriving from performance errors, or bad habits.
Poorly functioning organization and internal conflicts
owed to
confusing task assignments are also forms of waste.
They are actually the
subtlest, because they tend to take on the form of normal activities, and go unnoticed. .


The purpose of our advice is to provide you with a method you can do yours,
to be independent in the management of all business processes.
What do we do when we ask for advice?

We analyze company process

We study
the skills required for each task

We identify
the criticalities in need of work

We define the strategy and set goals with the client

We set the timeframe within which results are to be obtained

We actively involve the client in the implementation of our method


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 A Supply Chain that works is a linear process, free of dispersions.
Is it complicated to be simple? No it is not.
But it requires following an operational standard.


 If reducing costs is the goal to reach, organization is the way to get there.
For a company to be well organized,
it isn’t necessary to complicate its production mechanisms.
You need to simplify and simplify again.

Cost reduction

Above all those that are hidden. Because every second of work saved can be transformed into minutes, hours and days earned. We reduce company costs by improving the flow of materials and the processes of procurement, redefining purchasing policies.

Growth and development

making sure that each element contributes toward company growth. In simplifying the process, activities become more linear to avoid fatigue and dispersion , more controlled and thus able to be improved, freer and thus able to have emphasis placed on talents and attitudes, as well as more spontaneous,encouraging improved relationships between colleagues.


with precision of roles and skills in all personnel. Implementing a method means making it come into its own; operative support and formation creates a corporate standard:
– defining “Who does what”;
– training on tools to be used and on operating procedures «How to do it and when»;
– direct building of new skills required by the role;

Acquisition of awareness

Evaluating your process means being able to improve it. Knowing your starting point compels you to define your point of arrival. Knowing the levers necessary to improve your performance leads to checking your results.

Managing work relationships

The management of work relationships through the implementation of our method and organization can be considered the real critical factor for a company’s success. The lever that generates most of these occurrences becomes manifest through staff interactions founded in opinions and operational disagreements, not to be confused with constructive criticism. Bad relationships between colleagues should be considered among the most hidden business costs.

Final result

Company objectives are considered as the point of arrival; organization, the means of achieving them. What is necessary is to specify the quality of the objective to be achieved; the setting of the method is fundamental. The defined objectives must follow five basic characteristics, which must all be: specific, achievable, measurable, challenging, on a deadline.

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